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Receive 25% of the Commission
back as a Rebate
upon move-in
List Paid 2 Rent as your Referral source on the Application
and let us know
Find your next Apartment using our Resources & Recommendations

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James' Success Story

James found a great Apartment with his two roommates using Paid 2 He listed us as the referral, moved in, and received his check for $825 (or 25% of the Commission received by our Agent from the Apartment Community)


1). Understand the Process

  • Educate yourself on Apartment Leasing 

  • Read our FAQ to learn the Ins & Outs of Apartment Leasing

2). Explore & find your     perfect Apartment

3). Tour your Favorites

  • Visit your favorites and make sure it checks all the boxes

  • Let them know Paid 2 Rent sent you

4). Lease Application

  • Fill out your Lease Application (see our FAQ on understanding Leases)

  • List Paid 2 Rent as your Referral Source

5). Report your Lease to us

6). Get Paid 2 Rent

  • You are all set, we will bill the Apartment Complex upon your move-in and cut you a check for 25% of the commission as soon as we get paid

We Pay $50 for every person you refer

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