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James' Success Story

James found a great Apartment with his two roommates using Paid 2 He listed us as the referral, moved in, and received his check for $825 (or 25% of the Commission received by our Agent from the Apartment Community)

We Pay $50 for every person you refer

SPEAK WITH AN AGENT is a division of MCC1960 LLC, TREC License #9002474, sponsored by a TREC licensed real estate broker, operated by a TREC licensed real estate agent. DBA Paid2Rent.

All monies paid out to clients are in the form of a rebate from the Broker of Record.

Per TREC regulations, any rebate (commission sharing) is between a principal to the transaction and the Broker, and subject to the consent of the party the license holder represents in the transaction.

Not all Apartment Managers pay out a commission to Real Estate Agents. You can only receive a rebate &/or a referral if Paid2Rent or its affiliates receives commission from a deal.


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